‘Falling’ is for everyone

Falling focuses on six momentous months in the life of 16-year-old Jack – and when Eddie Allen wrote the story he knew that it would appeal specifically to teenage boys and girls. However the issues that it covers are relevant to parents and all adults.

Falling is part of a ‘journey’ in a young person’s life. It is a journey that we have all been on – one that is sometimes sad and in Jack’s case, even harrowing. It is a journey of ups and downs – of love and of lost love – it’s a journey that we can all relate to and it highlights the unseen pressures that young people so often face.

If you have an interest in cricket, then Falling will really appeal to you because the first part of the novel tracks Jack and his village cricket team’s progress in the county cup (as well as the relationship that develops between Jack and his teammate’s sister). But if you’ve never watched or played cricket and have no interest in sport, don’t worry – we are sure that you will still enjoy the book.

You can read an extract here.